How it works?

Learn about our innovative and user friendly platform 

for buying and selling live streaming video chats.


Whether you need a quick tutorial, some expert advice, or an ongoing coach or counselor to help you up your game, you are at the right place. We provide hand picked experts and professionals who can offer you immediate access to answers, wisdom, and practices that are here to help you 24/7 .

1. Find a session that you need

Compare providers, session offerings, and community recommendations in order to find a session that best suits your needs. If you have a specific request, simply login and send ageneral request to our community of experts, or reach out to s specific provider via our integrated messaging and chat system. They will be notified instantly via phone and will contact you as soon as they are free to chat.

2. Safe transactions

Your payment is held secure until you confirm that the session is performed to your satisfaction. We offer a turnkey escrow system that holds your money safe until the live video session is completed and you receive the desired live video session.

3. Stream a live session

Go live with a session provider via the built-in video streaming and transaction management system. Whether it's a private session, ongoing training, or workshop, we got you covered without ever leaving our platform. No need to download any software it's all built-in!

4. Approve your successful session

Once the session is performed you can mark the session complete and we’ll make sure that the provider gets paid. Help the community by leaving a feedback and ratings for our providers.


Sessions provides you with an opportunity to turn knowledge, talent or hobby into a permanent source of income! We're here to provide security, privacy, and timely payments, so you can keep doing what you love the most and empower others through sharing your knowledge and tools with others. Create a live session and sell your knowledge and insights to others by creating valuable one on one sessions .

1. Post a live session offer

Post a live class, workshop or private session offer in accordance with your skills. Be as specific as possible as to what your live private session will include so your clients will know exactly what they are getting for the money they are paying.

2. Automated Sales funnel and communication

Create and upload a short intro video that sells your offering 24/7 and automatically books, collects payments, schedules and notifies you and the buyer on each session sale. Secure messaging and instant chatting assure connectivity with your clients quickly and effortlessly.

3. Build your reputation

Make sure you treat all of your sales as potential long term clients and try to provide the best possible sessions regardless of the transaction value. Satisfied customers will recommend you to their friends. You can create multiple sessions offers in different categories to diversify your offerings!

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