Finding the Perfect Session

Sessions was created in order to meet the increasing demand for live streaming platforms that can quickly connect likeminded people so that they can share knowledge, information, resources, and skills. Sessions can be a powerful tool for someone who feels that they are in need of mentoring, coaching,  one on one instruction, or even a group class.

Navigating through sessions is easy, but the absolute best way to find what you’re looking for is to post a request. Share with the community, what your needs are, what problems are you trying to solve, what insights are you hoping to receive.

You can do this simply by creating a request at the top left of your homepage once you are logged in. You will then hear from our growing community of experts, mentors, coaches,  and instructors who you can immediately begin to chat with via our chat feature. Next is to simply book a session with a provider that feels right for you.

Once you make a payment, your money is held safely, in escrow, until the session is complete and you are satisfied. If for whatever reason, you aren’t pleased with the experience, we will promptly credit your account so that you can connect with another provider.

There’s no risk and much reward when you explore everything our live streaming marketplace has to offer.

So go ahead… launch a request now!

June 16, 2020